Make Your Own Minecraft Skin

How To Make Your Own Minecraft Skin

Create Your Own Minecraft Skin – Video Tutorial

The beauty of Minecraft is that you can do close to whatever you desire and only your own mind is the limit. Playing with default Minecraft skins is great for some time if you are a new player, but it usually gets old after some time. That is why i wrote this short article about how to make your own Minecraft skin with easy to use minecraft skin maker. So in this post you can watch a great video tutorial and after that you can read some tips from author and a short review my favorite editors and skin makers.

Video Guide on How To Make Your Own Minecraft Skin

In this guide you can see that making a skin is not that hard. You can find the editor on where you will be able to create your own minecraft skin with the intuitive and easy to use UI. The best thing about this minecraft skin editor is that it allows you to see which part of your character you are editing. You can switch between front and back and change individual parts of the body. For example you have a skin that you like but you would like to change the body color , you can do that in few minutes.

How to Make your own Minecraft skin

This is the Example of the Character Edit

As you can see you can do almost anything here. Many minecraft skin maker software will not allow such feature and this is why i like this one. For the purpose of this guide on how to make your own Minecraft skin i will mention one other software that i used before i found the one from the video.

Create Your Own Minecraft Skin

This website also has a software that allows you to Create Your Own Minecraft Skin

While this is a great skin editor and maker i think that it has somewhat steep learning curve and does not have so many detailed options. But if you are looking for a place to just edit some parts of your existing skin then it will do the job perfectly. As you can see, its not really that hard to make your own Minecraft skin, you only need a bit of patience and a good editor/skin maker. Feel free to leave a comment if you know some other methods and tips about this and if you liked this guide don’t forget to share. Make sure you check out our new guide on how to get free minecraft premium account as well as gift codes.

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